Sustainability management is our passion

We provide every company with the opportunity to combine economic success and sustainable decisions - now and in the future!

Our Story

Our founders met at the Center of Digital Technology and Management (CDTM) and share a passion for combining impact and technology. cubemos is made up of an innovative and passionate team with the goal of making ESG applicable and digital for any business.

Impact and technology with passion.

Product Team Meeting of cubemos GmbH, the ESG-Software experts, at the headquarters in Munich
Growth-Team-Meeting of cubemos GmbH, the ESG-Software-experts, at the Headquarter in Munich
Monthly team breakfast of the cubemos ESG expert team at the cubemos headquarters in Munich

Our Core Values

A common set of values is essential for us to be successful together. Of this we are convinced. Our Core Values determine our actions every single day.


We take responsibility for our work. Our goal is that we improve a little every day.


We try to create the best possible and express our personality with it. We like results better than simply being busy.


Mutual trust forms the basis of our actions. This allows us to freely express our opinions and leave our comfort zone.

The very best team in the world

The entire team, including our founders, supports each other to discover and develop the full potential of each team member.


Profile picture, Dr. Christopher Scheubel, Co-Founder and CEO of cubemos GmbH, the ESG-Software-Experts

Dr. Christopher Scheubel

Co-Founder & CEO
Profile picture, Patrick Bilic, Co-Founder and CTO of cubemos GmbH, the ESG-Software-experts

Patrick Bilic

Co-Founder & CTO

Growth - Marketing & Sales

Profile picture, Habiba Dorgham, cubemos GmbH, the ESGSoftware experts

Habiba Dorgham

Profile picture, Paula Bobzien, cubemos GmbH, the ESGSoftware experts

Paula Bobzien

Profile picture, Christian Kleih, Former employee of cubemos GmbH, the ESG-Software-experts

Christian Kleih

People & Operations

Profile picture, Hannah Pirovich, cubemos GmbH, the ESGSoftware experts

Hannah Pirovich

Profile picture, Michele Rossouw, cubemos GmbH, the ESGSoftware experts

Michele Rossouw

Product & Engineering

Profile picture, Koel Mukherjee, cubemos GmbH, the ESGSoftware experts

Koel Mukherjee

Profile picture, Anton Sholtmir, cubemos GmbH, the ESG-Software-experts

Anton Sholtmir

Profile picture, Emrah Kadiric, cubemos GmbH, the ESGSoftware experts

Emrah Kadiric

Profile picture, Paul Kreuzer, cubemos GmbH, the ESGSoftware experts

Paul Kreuzer

Andrea Inzenhofer

Advisory Board

Profile picture, Dr. Andreas Franz, Advisory Board of cubemos GmbH, the ESG-Software-experts

Dr. Andreas Franz

Executive Chairman & Co-Founder
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