The CSR-Software for your sustainability management

Our software provides you with all the functionalities for your sustainability management in a single tool. Our ESG software takes into account your individual material topics of sustainability, is 100% compliant with the CSRD and ESRS reporting guidelines, and supports you in setting effective targets and actions for your CSR and sustainability initiatives. And you can communicate transparently and securely with all your stakeholders via a digital and scalable channel up to the generation of your sustainability report.
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Your benefits with our CSR-Software

Optimize your sustainability management

Automated data collection

Centrally capture all your ESG data in our Software and automate data requests company-wide and into your supply chain - minimizes manual work and improves data integrity.

Calculate ESG Metrics easily

Calculate your ESG metrics directly in Software and access comprehensive metrics catalogs - enabling structured and efficient sustainability processes.

Flexible connection to systems

Our Software integrates 50+ accounting and HR systems, offers flexible Excel and Word export functionality and a custom API option - ensures maximum automation.

Audit-proof workflows

Full transparency through audit trails with central document storage and automated plausibility check directly in Software - ensures high data quality and compliance.

Map your organizational structure

Map your organization with all levels: Holding structures, national companies, locations, machines, fleets, buildings and much more. Β 

Set targets

Set important sustainability targets for your organization and track progress at any time in software. Create transparency and use it as basis for your sustainability communication towards your stakeholder.

Prioritize actions

Create software-supported prioritized action plans to achieve your goals and engage your entire organization - increases the success of your sustainability initiatives.

Create reports effortlessly

Prepare the publication of your sustainability reports directly in Software . Easily access your ESG data and add qualitative information - establish a single point of truth.

Meet ESG standards

With the process in our Software you fulfill the CSRD requirements stated in the ESRS-Standards. You get all ESRS metrics and disclosures within one tool to ensure legally compliant reporting processes.

One platform. One goal.

Our mission is to make sustainability management as simple and effective as possible. We support sustainability managers and all those who are responsible for the topic in their strategic and operational tasks. From day one and in the future.

Status quo analysis

Gain comprehensive insight into the status quo of your sustainability performance against ESG criteria through a guided assessment.

Stakeholder & materiality analysis

Identify your relevant stakeholders and your key sustainability issues in a guided process using the inside-out and outside-in principle.

Opportunity & Risk Analysis

Identify at a glance your opportunities and risks in the areas of Environment, Social and Governance.

Goal Setting & Progress Tracking

Set qualitative and quantitative goals based on your status quo and key issues, and consistently follow through.

Extensive catalog of measures

Automatically receive suggestions on actions to achieve your goals.

Communication tools

Use a sustainability website out of the box to report on your sustainability performance.

Reporting Ready

Prepare your sustainability report effectively and efficiently using checklists and templates.

Uniform data image

Establish a single point of truth for all your relevant sustainability data.

Management View

Always keep an eye on all developments in your company, all your locations and your subsidiaries.


The ESG-Software of cubemos supports the most important sustainability and ESG standards as well as frameworks.

Connect your tools, connect your teams. With over 100 apps already available in our directory, your team's favourite tools are just a click away.
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Be compliant with ESRS for all those covered by EU reporting requirements.
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For all those already reporting.
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Adapted for SMEs

Adapted for SMEs. Who want to implement sustainability properly or will be subject to reporting requirements in the future.
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GHG Protocol

CO2 for all those who want to collect the Footprint.
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EU taxonomy

Categorize business activities and determine your relevant CAPEX OPEX and revenue.
cubemos sustainability software screenshot. ESG KPI Collection Feature.
Automated data collection

Collect ESG data effortlessly

  • Single System of Records: By centrally capturing sustainability data from multiple sources, manual effort is minimized and data integrity is improved.
  • Automated: Automatically send data requests to departments and store the necessary documents (e.g. the electricity consumption bill).
  • Direct input: Collect individual data points or enter total values immediately without converting them.
ESG Data Management

Calculate ESG Metrics easily

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  • E, S and G: Structure your company's environmental, social and governance metrics within a single software.
  • All CSRD metrics: Sustainability metrics are recorded in the correct units and automatically converted to ensure that data is stored correctly and complex metrics can be calculated safely.
  • Data aggregations: Automated aggregations of ESG data from various activities such as transportation, energy consumption, and production processes along your organizational structure.
cubemos sustainability software screenshot. ESG Data Hub. ESG data warehousing for CSRD and ESRS.
HR Systems
Accounting systems
Directory Services
Net Suite
Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Dynamics 365
Google Workspace
SAGE Business Cloud Accounting
API integrations

Flexible connection of systems

Optional data
  • 50+ integrations: Established accounting and HR systems as well as directory services such as Oracle Netsuite, Personio or Microsoft Azure can be integrated.
  • Export: Process all data flexibly in Excel or Word.
  • API: Provides the highest level of automation and flexibility. You can create custom connections, use cubemos data in other tools, or connect additional ESG tools to cubemos ESG-Software .
Standardized processes

Audit-proof workflows

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  • Audit trails: Simple and effective auditing through stored audit trails in Software takes sustainability reporting under control.
  • Central document management: Central storage of all relevant documents including invoices, proofs or certificates make ESG data verifiable.
  • Plausibility check: High data quality through automated ESG consistency checks and variance controls.
cubemos sustainability software screenshot. Audit trail and documents and evidence collection
cubemos sustainability software screenshot.
Flexible consolidation

Map your organizational structure

  • Entire hierarchy: Reflect the entire hierarchy of your company or holding structures in the software.
  • Multidimensional: Expand your enterprise structure along any axis such as locations, products, and partners and suppliers for upstream and downstream scenarios.
  • Interim reports: In addition to overall reports, also implement interim reports for individual organizational units within Software.
Make progress

Set targets and link them to actions

Coming soon: Science Based TargetsΒ SBTi.
  • Targets: Set meaningful targets and link them to relevant standards such as the United Nations SDGs.
  • Actions: Create action plans to implement your sustainability targets and compliance requirements.
  • Monitoring: Target tracking to identify deviations and risks at an early stage.
cubemos sustainability software. Target Feature. Graph and action plan
cubemos sustainability software screenshot. ESG Data Warehouse Feature.
Meet ESG standards

Ensure compliance

  • CSRD-compliant: Full CSRD compliance through all ESRS disclosures and metrics.
  • Double materiality: implementing double materiality through the financial outside-in and inside-out view with the software.
  • All sustainability standards: CSRD with ESRS, EU Taxonomy, DNK, CSR-RUG, GHG Protocol, Supply Chain Sourcing Obligations Act. CSRD with ESRS automatically included in Software.
Partner network

Take advantage of the strongest
ESG partner network

Our partner network of service providers, auditors and technology vendors simplifies your path to sustainability, just as we have done for flagship companies such as AVAG, Wolfcraft and Censhare.
  • Auditors: We connect you with the most competent auditors from D-A-CH who know the needs of successful SMEs. Internationally, they can draw on our auditor network and more than 260 partners.
  • Implementation Partners: Our implementation partners help you build and scale a sustainability roadmap around cubemos that complements your business at every stage of growth.
  • Technology partners: More than 50 integrations of our partners facilitate the connection of important source systems to our Software.
Implementation partner
D-A-CH Partner
Microsoft Azure
International partners
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SAGE Business Cloud Accounting

Integrate your upstream systems

Single system of reco
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