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Write sustainability reports according to CSRD guidelines without having to study the ESRS and EU regulations. Start defining your materiality, metrics and targets right away.

Our customers are already implementing ESRS and generating necessary reports for 2023.

Implement EU standards

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CSRD report with up to 80% time saving

How cubemos helps to implement the CSRD

We prepare all companies for the reporting obligation. Everything must be correct, nothing must be complicated. That is why our clients follow 6 steps and use our Software for reporting to make the process correct in terms of content according to ESRS and still efficient.


Set focus

Double materiality

Implement materiality matrix according to ESRS 1  and ESRS 2.
Identify the essential ESRS issues and own .
Take value chain into account and know your IROs


Reduce number of KPIs by up to 50%

Define disclosure criteria

Select topic-specific ESRS disclosure criteria.
Include and measure only the key metrics in the report.
Leverage existing processes and policies and use them for the report.


Use automation

Collect and calculate data

Collect ESRS metrics and indicators 
Request data from departments and supply chain.
Collect supporting documents and evidence for the audit.


Stay up to date

Track targets and actions

Derive targets and necessary policies from materiality and IROs.
Identify actions to achieve targets and transition plans.
Assign responsibilities and track progress.


Be ready to provide information at any time

Communicate the right things

Always be able to provide management with the relevant ESG metrics.
Set up stakeholder dialog and analyze the results on an ongoing basis.
Inform customers about ESG implementation and win tenders.


Reduce paperwork up to 70%

Generate CSRD Report

Automatically comply with ESRS specificationsusing Software .
Implement flexible customizations easily in Word.
Create segment reports for individual organizational units.

CSRD Report

The complete EU Framework. Implement ESRS easily.


ESRS 1 General requirements
Implement the general requirements of the CSRD.
Relevance means not doing everything, but focusing on what is important.
Faithful representation means reporting completely, neutrally and accurately.
Comparability means showing developments over years and establishing comparability within the industry.
Understandability means comprehensibility and target group-oriented communication.
Verifiyability means verifiability of the published data.


ESRS 2 General disclosures
Adhere to the format of the sustainability report as per ESRS
Governance (GOV), describes the corporate structures, controls and procedures for managing sustainability processes.
Strategy (SBM) refers to corporate strategy and business models with regard to sustainability.
Impact, Risk and Opportunities (IRO), regulate how the contents of the disclosure requirements of the sustainability report are structured.
Diclosure Content (DC), describe the types of content to be reported, namely Policies, Targets, Actions, or Metrics.
Environmental Standards

ESRS E1 - E5

Mandatory topics
E1 Climate change
Climate change adaptation
Climate change mitigation
32 other topics depending on materiality
E2 Pollution
Living organisms and food resources
Pollution of Air
Pollution of Water
Pollution of Soil
Substances of concern
Substances of very high concern
E3 Water and marine resources
Water withdrawals
Water consumption
Water use
Water discharges
Habitat degradation
E4 Biodiversity and ecosystems
Biodiversity loss
Climate change
Land-use change
Direct exploitation
Invasive alien species
Impact on species
Species population size
Species global extinction risk
Impact on ecosystems
Land degradation
Soil sealing
Impact on ecosystem services
E5 Resource use & Circular economy
Resource inflows and use
Resource outflows (products and services)
Social Standards

ESRS S1 - S4

Mandatory topics
S1 Own workforce
Working conditions
Secure employment
Working time
Adequate wages
Social dialogue
Freedom of association
Collective bargaining
Work-life balance
Health and safety
Equal treatment and opportunities
Gender equality and equal pay
Training and Skill development
Inclusion of persons with disabilities
Measures against violence and harassment
Other work-related rights
Child labor
Forced labor
Adequate housing
47 other topics depending on materiality
S2 Workers in value chain
Working conditions
Secure employment
Working time
Adequate wages
Social dialogue
Freedom of association
Collective bargaining
Work-life balance
Health and safety
Equal treatment and opportunities
Gender equality and equal pay
Training and Skill development
Inclusion of persons with disabilities
Measures against violence and harassment
Other work-related rights
Child labor
Forced labor
Adequate housing
S3 Affected communities
Communities economic, social and cultural rights
Adequate housing
Adequate food
Water and sanitation
Land-related impacts
Security-related impacts
Communities civil and political rights
Freedom of expression
Freedom of assembly
Impact on human rights defenders
Particular rights of indigenous communities
Free, prior and informed consent
Cultural rights
S4 Consumers and end-users
Information-related impacts for consumers
Freedom of expression
Access to information
Personal safety of consumers
Health and safety
Security of a person
Protection of children
Social inclusion of consumers
Access to products and services
Responsible marketing practices
Governance standards


9 topics depending on the materiality
G1 Business Conduct
Corporate Culture
Protection of whistle-blowers
Animale welfare
Political engagement and lobbying activities
Management of relationships with suppliers
Corruption and bribery
Prevention and detection including training

Talk to our CSRD Experts and implement CSRD reporting with less efforts.

Discover success stories from your industry.

CSRD report with up to 80% time saving

cubemos helps comply with CSRD.

Implement CSRD effectively: Instead of doing everything from scratch, we bring structure, and customize reporting requirements to the extent necessary for your business and value chain. And this is how it works...

Establish double materiality

Calculate impact materiality, financial materiality and define IROs .

Set up stakeholder dialog

Select ESRS disclosuresand relevant KPIs

Capture your individual organizational structure

Define report boundaries

Select relevant areas of the value chain

Incorporate and improve existing ESG guidelines (e.g. Code of Conduct)

Establish an effective action plan for further EU directives

ESRS Select and reduce disclosures

Reduce ESG metrics to be collected

Integrate departments and collect data automatically

Make audit trail transparent and collect documents for your metrics

Generate report and be CSRD compliant

Successful sustainability management in practice

What our customers say

We exchange ideas with our customers every day. Here's what they say about us and working with our sustainability software:

cubemos enables us to implement our sustainability management in a simpler, more transparent and certified manner - centrally at Software.

Esther Donatz - CEO. Client of cubemos.
Esther Donatz

cubemos helps us as an SME to integrate sustainability effectively and purposefully in the company.

Stefan Weigel Managing Director of wolfcraft and customer of cubemos.
Stefan Weigel
Managing Director

cubemos' system is as intuitive to use as WhatsApp.

Reto Riesen. AVAG Sustainability Manager and customer of cubemos.
Reto Riesen
Division Manager Safety, Quality and Environment

Benefit from the advantages of sustainable management

Active ESG management is a win-win-win situation: For our planet. For society. And for you as a company.

Improved access to the capital market

Secure better financial terms through proof of your sustainability performance.

Stronger employer branding

Use your ESG performance to differentiate yourself from your competitors in the "war for talent."

Higher customer growth

Use your ESG performance for customer retention and to develop new customer segments.

Optimized use of resources

Optimize your use of resources with the help of tailored KPIs and save money.

More positive external effect

Show what really matters to you and the impact you have on our planet and society.

Future-forward management

Use your sustainability data to strategically align and establish new sustainable business models.
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