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Comply with CSRD without studying EU regulations. Start immediately to determine your materiality, KPIs, and targets.

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I determine what is material for my company. We collect the relevant KPIs according to the ESRS to create the sustainability report more efficiently. As a result, my company is more sustainable, 100% compliant with the CSRD, and more successful.

From CSRD to GHGp - all relevant sustainability standards included
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Everything at hand for your sustainability management

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Which ESG topics are mandatory for my company and industry?

Double materiality, inside-out, outside-in, materiality matrix, stakeholder dialogue

Double materiality

Assess double materiality by considering the financial impacts of sustainability aspects (ESG topics) on your company, along with the positive and negative effects that your operations have on these sustainability topics. Maintain a continuous dialogue with your stakeholders and ensure that communication channels remain open at all times.

Double materiality matrix with impact and financial materiality
Digital stakeholder dialog
Quantifiable impact materiality and financial materiality for each ESG topic

How can I define so many key figures and collect them correctly?

Data quality, All ESRS key figures, Automated collection and calculation, Integrate departments

Collect KPIs and ESG data

Collect all 400 data points of the ESRS efficiently, consisting of KPIs and other ESG data, and track progress. Link the activities of the EU taxonomy and the recorded CO2 emissions. Create workflows for data collection from the specialist departments and send automated reminder emails.

ESRS, EU-Taxonomy and CO2 KPIs in one tool
Predefined data points
Automatic aggregation along the organisational structure

What goals and measures are good for my business?

SbTI, industry comparisons, track measures,
assign responsibilities.

Targets and actions

Set targets and actions for the most relevant KPIs and risks within your company. Utilize them for the ESRS report and abide by generally accepted standards, such as the SbTI, GHG Protocol or national standards s.a. DNK. Benchmark within your industry and intelligently derive actions from the established targets. Assign responsibility for specific targets and actions to an individual and monitor the progress.

All important sustainability targets in one place
Selected actions are connected with targets
Assigned responsibility for each target

How am I supposed to write such an extensive report without any mistakes?

Software-supported, ESRS Report template, text modules, plausibility checks, audit trail, be 100% compliant

Sustainability reporting

Create reports quickly and easily that cover all aspects of the ESRS for your organization or individual organizational units. Use our intuitive templates and generate texts and reports based on the collected KPIs to save time. Carry out plausibility checks using existing data lineage and audit trails with proof documents, so that your reports are always correct.

Compliant sustainability report
Verify content and data automatically
Audit-ready for a positive outcome

Expert talk on sustainability management

Discover success stories from your industry.

Successful sustainability management in practice

What our customers say

We exchange ideas with our customers every day. Here's what they say about us and working with our sustainability software:

cubemos enables us to implement our sustainability management in a simpler, more transparent and certified manner - centrally at Software.

Esther Donatz - CEO. Client of cubemos.
Esther Donatz

cubemos helps us as an SME to integrate sustainability effectively and purposefully in the company.

Stefan Weigel Managing Director of wolfcraft and customer of cubemos.
Stefan Weigel
Managing Director

cubemos' system is as intuitive to use as WhatsApp.

Reto Riesen. AVAG Sustainability Manager and customer of cubemos.
Reto Riesen
Division Manager Safety, Quality and Environment

Value for your sustainability management

Our sustainability cosmos

Our customers use our software to create their reports, learn in our active community, work with our materials, and utilize our process expertise.

Strong sustainability community

Be part of the strongest community of and for sustainability experts. Ask questions, share your knowledge, benefit from the network. Become a member

Inspiring sustainability content

Discover easy checklists, time-saving templates, informative whitepapers and exciting webcasts.
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The leading sustainability software

Use the leading software for your sustainability management. Tailored to your company, to implement the CSRD reporting requirements 100% compliant. Get to know the software

Optimized sustainability processes

Take advantage of our extensive expertise in sustainability management. Take the first step: Determine your materiality matrix according to ESRS requirements.
‍Set up materiality matrix

Benefit from the advantages of sustainable management

Active ESG management is a win-win-win situation: For our planet. For society. And for you as a company.

Improved access to the capital market

Secure better financial terms through proof of your sustainability performance.

Stronger employer branding

Use your ESG performance to differentiate yourself from your competitors in the "war for talent."

Higher customer growth

Use your ESG performance for customer retention and to develop new customer segments.

Optimized use of resources

Optimize your use of resources with the help of tailored KPIs and save money.

More positive external effect

Show what really matters to you and the impact you have on our planet and society.

Future-forward management

Use your sustainability data to strategically align and establish new sustainable business models.
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